Montenegro sightseeing – Budva, Kotor, Cetinje, Skadar Lake – Wine Tours, Culinary Tour of prosciutto of Njeguši

Montenegro tours

Montenegro, small country by southern part of the Adriatic Sea, also called the pearl of the Mediterranean, is a country with diverse geographical landscapes. The country with less than 700.000 inhabitants is one of the smallest European countries and therefore perfect to explore. Its vivid natural beauties can be reached on the hand. The country is full of beautiful clear lakes, gushing rivers, stunning mountains and fantastic breathtaking long beaches.

Montenegro, apart from natural beauties, is ideal holiday destination also for many other reasons. It boasts with its unique traditions, culture and rich history which make Montenegro appealing also from this point of view. There are multitude of exciting things to do and see across the region. It is also known for one of the best rafting experiences in Europe.

Montenegro is divided into 22 municipalities which can be classified into three main geographical regions; Montenegrin coast, Zeta River Valley and natural formations in Montenegro. All of the regions mentioned above, are worth visiting and offer an unforgettable adventure.