Colorful Hungary with mighty metropolis by Danube river, biggest pannonian sea and numerous spas

Hungary is a country with blend of spectacular images for all, from the city of Budapest to small traditional villages, to many lovely small cities and towns showing old architecture to the countryside with beautiful scenery with mountains and lakes and numerous opportunities for activities in nature.

Budapest is by far Hungary’s biggest tourist attractions and it is a cultural delight, with beautiful buildings, thermal baths which have been popular since the Middle Ages, and historical sites at every turn. North of Budapest is the historical town of Visegrad. set along the Danube and a popular day trip from Budapest. Also within easy reach from Budapest is Szentendre, with lovely old homes.

Some of the best sightseeing destinations in Hungary include also the cities of Pecs, Szeged and Esztergom, one of the oldest towns in the country. Worth of visit is also region of Balaton lake – The “Hungarian Sea” with silky green-yellow water in the middle of Transdanubia. Lake Balaton is one of Hungary’s most precious treasures and also the largest lake in Central Europe.