Explore Albania and its historical towns; Kruja, Gjirokastra, Berat, capital of Tirana; swim in Ionian sea and hike in Theth mountains

Albania tours
Albania, pearl of fantastic nature, pristine people, rich culture and incredible historical sights
Albania, the country where east meets west, where Albanian rich culture hides one of best preserved historical monuments, where unspoilt nature is still untouched, where dream beaches are still on your hand, where culinary is nothing else than pure mixture of various, multicultural Meditteranean gastronomy. The country which used to be one of most closed country under the rule of dictator Enver Hoxha, now began to open to tourist and is becoming the fastest developed countries in the world. New infrastructure, new cities, roads, numerous hotels…all development in Albania can soon bring it to the point where their routes can start loosing their pristine, primeval appearance. So, hurry up and catch real glance of fantastic Albania.

When you travel to Albania you will fall in love with it immediatelly. This small Mediterranean country comprises pure nature from the snow-capped mountains in the winter to the fields covered in spring by red poppies. Majority of Albanian tourist go to fantastic long beaches for summer holidays and for mountain trek in fall. Another great advantage of Albania is hospitable people, always prepare to help and country which is in general very safe.

Very interesting fact about Albanian language is that it is one of the oldest living languages in the world. When traveling through Albania you will not be hungry at all. Albanian cuisine is very rich and it is a unique blend of various Mediterranean flavors where really east meets west. Typical Albanian dishes, which visitors should not missed are minced meat, all kind of vegetables, byrek, eggs and cheese in flaky pastry. Special traditional meals are

tavëkosi; mutton baked in a dish with yogurt and eggs;
tavëkorani, a unique kind of trout found only in Lake Ohrid baked with nuts, sauce and onions
pasha qofte, a hot soup with meatballs, rice and eggs.
Besides, you have to try another specialty, actually spirit, the world-known famous “Scanderbeg” cognac with its unique flavor and aroma. Even more popular and most traditional bevarage of Albania is Raki, most commonly made from grapes, but also some other kinds of raki can be made from plums and walnuts.

If you only have a limited time in Albania, you have to go to visit “must-see” attractions, all three under UNESCO World Heritage: Gjirokastra, sites of Butrint and Berat.