Discover Serbia, Belgrade, the capital, Vojvodina with Fruska gora and its excellent wines, and numerous monasteries

Serbia tours
Serbia is one of those countries where you feel like home soon when you meet people and feel their open-hearted characters. We could say Serbia is literally etno country where tradition, folklore and vivid culture come to the front.

This fantastic country, based in the mountainous Western Balkans, comprises mountainous part in southern and central Serbia, majority covered with forests (27% forrest of Serbia) and lowland in Vojvodina where wide areas of fields spread. Serbia is exceptionally rich with cultural monuments with 156 important sights, 6 are protected under UNESCO Cultural Heritage. When you visit Serbia you have to love it immediatelly.

Serbians are warm, generous, hospitable and open-hearted, always prepared to help you in any situation. Serbs are generally of “Balkan genetics” proud of their family roots. They are imaginative, creative and strong and above all very inventive people. They are proud of their culture and tradition, so therefore it is one of the best destination if you seek etno villages, traditional dances and very good gastronomy.

Serbian gastronomy is in culinary sense very meat-oriented, spiced by their home-cultivated vegetables and very good domestic spices. Vojvodina landscape provides planty of chances to grow great amounts of different kind of cereals, vegetables and fruit, among others also grape and after all – very good wine. Their tratiditional etno villages, such as Sirogojno or Drvengrad and numerous others through central and Southern Serbia and traditional “salash – salaš” in Vojvodina (northern Serbia) are all places you must visit when you come to Serbia.

With us you will experience some even more authentic tours in Serbia, combined with etno villages, wine tours in Fruška gora,…