Bosnia Tours – Sarajevo Sightseeing, Tour to Mostar, Visit one of most spiritual European place Medjugorje and refresh in European Niagara Waterfalls of Kravice

Bosnia and Hercegovina tours

Bosnia is centrally located country in the Balkan region, in the heart of southeast Europe. Bosnia is bordering Croatia to the north and south west, Serbia to the east, and Montenegro to the south east. Mostly it covered with some steep mountains, which can provide lots of opportunities for skiing, and has only 20 km of coastline.

Bosnia is a perfect tourist destination if you seek multicultural life and culinary in the cities. There are some major cities that are a favorite tourist points, such as Sarajevo (the capital), Banja Luka, picturesque Mostar and fascination Medjugorje, well-known international tourist destination, thanks to its roots as a centre of Catholic pilgrimage.

On the other site, Bosnia with its pure nature allows you to enjoy in extraordinary canyons, go for hiking, rafting or you just enjoy in high-mountains ethno villages. Experience anything of that, we provide you perfect enjoyment while staying in this great.

The best time to visit Bosnia is in spring, summer or early autumn, however, the best time for skiers is between December and February.