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Grand Cuvée Tours

Tomaž Martinek and Mojca Peterka opened our own travel company in 2006 dedicated to selling tours to Central Europe and Balkan countries. From the pioneering days we have worked hard to gain high quality and impressive wide knowledge of different services and exclusive offers for all countries of Central Europe and further to the south along the Balkan area. Our services reflect high-quality, exclusive services which deliver real value to our clients.

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Our main specialty

Our main specialty is offer high-quality and authentic experience in countries of:

  • Central Europe from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
  • Balkan region: Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia and Albania.

Our wide experiences in working with selected clients brought us to great success to became respectful, reliable partner and renowned tour operator, as well as one of most important creators of unique, authentic, luxury and exclusive offer in tourism in wider area of Central Europe and Balkan. We represent brand which combines countries from different regions, various cultures and religions but we know how to unite them in fantastic, unforgettable tours which we create for you. Retreat from the fast tempo of everyday life and pamper with feeling of the local people. Grand Cuvée tours welcomes you with open arms!!!

The philosophy

The philosophy behind Grand Cuvée Tours is:

  • exclusivity
  • authenticity
  • comfort 
  • value for money

Our brand reflects high-quality, exclusive services which deliver real value to our clients. We create customized tours with the content – adapted to your personal needs and preferences. The philosophy behind Grand Cuvée tours is: value for money, uniqueness and authenticity. Our tours are designed to bring the experience of the selected destination. We create tours with the content – adapted to your personal needs.

We provide additional services for:

Accomodation of different stars, luxury 5* hotels, castles, luxury chalets, traditional houses, glamping, luxury villas,
All kind of transportation from special collection of old-timer cars to most modern and luxury cars, bikes, 1st class trains, private planes and yachts
Experienced guides with wide knowledge in art, history, geography and present-day-info