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Traditional Cuisine of Slovenian Grandparents

Do you want to meet real locals? Above place, called Heaven, below place, called St. Rupert, and in-between that is where my grandparents live. I invite you to meet them

Let's go to the place of wavy vineyards, with outstanding views on the surrounding. I want to present you a little bit of how people used to live in Dolenjska area and what has changed nowadays.

In short, let me present you my grandparents. My grandfather is a honey maker and a wine producer – you will try his products and find out how to get honey from the honeycomb.

Further I show you grandfather’s vineyard and wine cellar. In this area Cvicek wine is produced. Cvicek is together with Italian Chianti the only wine produced from red and white grapes.

Later, my grandmother serves you domestic specialties, featuring all bio products from her garden. Also, we will visit a famous wine producer from that area and taste his good wines.



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