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Jeruzalem - Miraculous Place of Wavy Vineyards

Be romanced by Jeruzalem, ranked as one of the most beautiful (and romantic) places in the world!

Morning stop in Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian town. Ptuj is worldwide known for the wild and could say scary Kurent masks that bring spring during carnival times. Visit of the oldest wine cellar in Slovenia, which is an example of professional presentation with its great multimedia effects. Tasting of local wines. Vineyards' road lead us to beautiful small town of Jeruzalem, known not just for the wines, but also for its pottery. We may experience it on our own, trying our skills. Wine road Jeruzalem gathers renowned Slovenian wine producers.Visit one of them for a wine tasting for this trip bringing to an end with a glass of wine in our hands. 

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