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Goriska brda, the Slovenian Tuscany

Take a day trip to Goriska brda and be amazed at resemblance with Tuscany region, in landscape and wine quality.

Morning stop in the winery. Explore secret corners of the wine cellar and learn how grapes convert into a delicious nectar. Then taste the local wine accompanied with the right food for the best experience possible. Smartno, quite little village never fails to charm with its medieval spirit and maze of the streets. Stroll through and stop at first wine bar in the village for a glass of wine. Drive to Krmin, typical village of Friuli region, which lies in the Italian side of Brda. The last stop is winery on the other side of the border, in Italy. Cellar at this winery is modern and huge, quite the opposite of the morning one. After tasting drive back to your hotel. 

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