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Slovenia as a wine country

Slovenian wines can enthuse even the most demanding wine connoisseur

The small country as it is is a perfect place to learn about the winemaking traditions. There are 14 wine-growing regions with picturesque wine roads and numerous wine cellars along the way, where you can taste the outstanding white and red autochthonous wines and those with a designation of geographical origin.

The art of Viticulture has in Slovenia begun early, some 2400 years ago when it was brought to the area of Slovenia by the Illyrians and Celts, cultivated by the Romans and since then tended by the Slavs and Slovenians. Due to the fact that Slovenia has always been at the crossroads between north and south, east and west, the travelers have brought viticulture knowledge from all prominent viticulture nations. That is the reason why French, Italian and German influences are evident both in the growing and production of wines as well as in the terminology.

So finally, why Slovenia? Because Slovenian wine cellars and viticulture it self will not disappoint you, just opposite, you will be surprised of what a small country like ours can offer you.


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Slovenia as a wine country

Slovenian wines can enthuse even the most demanding wine connoisseur

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