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History of Winegrowing in Slovenia

Winegrowing in Slovenia dates about 2400 years back

The art of winegrowing in Slovenia began early, about some 2400 years ago and the Celts were probably the ones that made their own wine here. They have learned the methods of the cultivation from the Greeks as the local wine production assumes. In the present area of Slovenia, Romans were the ones with which the winegrowing blossomed, but at the end of the Roman Empire, also all the viticultural methods were lost, so the winegrowing almost died out in Slovenia at that time. Slovenian viticulture was not forgotten and has returened with the Christianization of the Slavs.

As authors of the book “Vina Slovenije” (The wines of Slovenia) say, there are three good things in the world and these are the Three Slovenian Wine Regions. The first one is Primorska wine region, the second Posavje and the third Podravje. Each and every one of the regions knows it own way of producing wine and wines differ one from another not only in their taste but also in the color. Slovene viticulturists have been able to apply and customize vines, winegrowing, and methods of making wine from all parts of Europe. The Slovenian slopes are generally quite steep, which guarantees optimal sunshine on the one hand but also makes cultivation more difficult on the other.


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History of Winegrowing in Slovenia

Winegrowing in Slovenia dates about 2400 years back

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